Useful tips for a safe car journey!

When planning a road trip, it is necessary to check your car in order to maximize the safety of your journey. So follow the useful tips given to us by the car workshop mechanic, to travel safely!
Before making a road trip, we suggest you carry out the following checks:

Checking the refrigerator circuit - Addition of antifreeze: The check and in some cases the addition of antifreeze is considered necessary before every long trip, but especially in the summer months or in city cars that have been "strained" by traffic! So before you "put your car in front" for a trip, make sure to check the water level in your refrigerator and add antifreeze, if necessary!

Checking the oil level / Changing the oil: Checking, topping up and changing the oil is a necessary procedure that must be carried out if we want to maintain the longevity of our engine. Especially before a trip, it is necessary to check the oil level, to be sure that we will travel without any surprises. We should not neglect the control when we want to make a long journey, especially if our car is quite loaded or our journey is at altitude with many turns. We make sure to use oil based on the specifications recommended by the manufacturer of our car and we do not neglect to check the car's maintenance book to know exactly when and at how many kilometers we have to change the oils.

Check your tires: In order to have a safe driving course, before your trip, it is necessary to check your tires. Your tires must not have a higher pressure than the one recommended by the manufacturer, but at the same time you must have taken care before your trip, to have added air to them while your tires are cold - if this is necessary-! It's good to always have a spare with you, because you never know what might happen...

So after checking all the above, it is very important not to forget to carry out the annual minor service of your car, as prescribed by its manufacturer. The small service that is done every year, includes changing oil, filters and also checking your brakes.

If your car has reached the mileage specified by the manufacturer for the major service, or is about five years old, before you travel you must carry out the major service of your car, which includes: checking the timing belts of the engine and its main parts car, check on the front system, check on the shock absorbers as well as check on all response systems (axles, bearings).