How to pack your luggage for the weekend?

The goal: to make the contents of your suitcase functional and your luggage light.

Make a list

Depending on the part of your destination (mountain, sea, city, desert, outside, inside, etc.) or the type of your trip (camping, rented room, hotel with all the comforts, etc.) you will need different things with you. By making a list of the essentials you will be sure that nothing is left out of the suitcase and you will not find yourself in front of any surprises when you finally arrive at your destination.

Make your boudoir useful

Of course you also need a hair dryer, brushes, shampoo, deodorants and all the products for your beaute. But if, for example, you're going camping, finding an outlet for your hair dryer will prove to be a bit difficult, so why not leave it behind? And if your stay is planned in a five-star hotel, its hair dryer will be able to serve you for a couple of hours even if it is not as strong as yours, right? As for the dozens of bottles you plan to carry with you, you can also make your life easier in this part. Get a two-in-one shampoo, demake-up for eyes and face and, if possible, even go for one of those hundreds of samples that are stacked in your bathroom and take up less space.

Minimize your wardrobe

As far as clothes are concerned, you can also save money there. Your silk little black dress will arrive crumpled and completely useless if you're headed to some desert or a tricked-out mountain top. So are the five dresses you're trying to cram into your suitcase for two days. Set your clothes according to the needs of the place you are going to and taking into account the program that, more or less, you have in mind to follow these two days. Also wear your bulkier clothes, like your jeans, on the trip to save space in your suitcase.

Save space by packing your underwear in style

And when we say your underwear, we don't mean whatever lace your dresser has and doesn't have. You need three pairs of underwear for the two days plus one for the return trip and that's how much you should take with you. First of all, choose them to match your clothes so you don't run out. Take as many pairs of socks as you need, too. And instead of pajamas that take up space, leggings or a light nightgown. You can put all this in a nice fabric bag where the socks will be inside the bras - and it will help them keep their shape as well - and the panties collected in tiny packets (three in total) which you will fit in one of the compartments of your small suitcase.

Save on your shoes

And we are not talking about the savings you have to do when you buy them but the savings you have to do when you pack them to go on a trip and especially of such a short duration. Two pairs of shoes for every use from morning to night and always depending on where you are are more than enough.

Accessories are a luxury

Remember this when you collect rings, necklaces, pins and other decorations for your appearance. If you need a pin to close the neckline of that favorite blouse of course and take it with you like your favorite ring - which you can also wear instead of carrying it in its box that takes up space - but, in general, remember that less is more in the case of short vacations. Unless your trip includes a wedding, reception or other event that, if anything, completely changes your circumstances and needs since your move is accompanied by a grande appearance at your destination.